Artwork Featured in 2022 Show

Crystal Mill


Glass and Wood

27" x 23" x 1"

As a native of Colorado I am constantly inspired by the beauty all around me.  The suburbs of Denver provide a plethora of sights to spark delight in anyone with open eyes.  But once up in the mountains the grandeur is astounding.  Crystal Mill, near Marble, is a remarkable combination of the the work of man with the creation of God.  It once was the power house which generated compressed air for the nearby silver mines.  Today it is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. 

My interpretation of the mill was created by choosing, cutting and grinding each and every piece of glass to fit its exact placement in the whole.  Some pieces are the size of a grain of rice.  I think of it as painting with glass.  Blending shades is more challenging with glass than with paint and definitely more dangerous.  A bit of my DNA goes into every one of my works of art.